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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 16, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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please set your dvr so you never, ever, ever, ever miss an episode of hannity and fanoos. any time. al al the time. t everhey time timme, fox news, .m hannity, .com. but inm, but i the meantime, let your heart be troubled. stay tuned. laura ingraham and theay tuned d "ingraham angle" is next. >> have a great night. i'm laura ingraham.ngle" >>fr this is ingram angle from washington tonight. running on empty. tonihat's the focus of tonight's angle. all right.rter our a story caught our eye today and reveals how weak the democrats political position really is . >>l nbc news is reporting that biden allies plot 2020 four strategy focused on trump, even if hadese fades away.a litt okay, here'sle a little part frm it. let's say it's ron desantis us and not trump as the
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republican nominee. that's from alan kessler. nominee that'shat i the philly ' i don't think it's a heavy lift to make desantis into trump. >> okay, now let's get thiss ar straight. the democrats are not going to talk about biden's great accomplishments. there aren't any or about how things are areow about gett they're not. and they can't talk about their successes at the border. there are none or about how crime has gone down because it hasn't. so instead, they're going to talk about how democracy is at risk. fascists around every corner, january six and charlottesville now. and of course, trump's true and of course, chut about reverg that 2020 election. now, o f course, trumpamant this adamant that he never said and doesn't believe that the constitution should be suspended or terminated. his posting was this is not wise and unnecessary. it gave some fodder to his political enemies in both parties. but if you really want to knowtn what trump thinks about the constitution, look at the judges he's put on the federal bench. they're jurist
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s who bring an originalist judicial philosophy to their cases. >>ophy t so what republicans shd take from all this is how empty the democrats 2020 four basket really is . ly is.what do they have to run u well, courtesy ortf biden, inflation, real wages are down. household wealth is down. sky high food and energy costsgo ine dragging everything down. the recession's right around, an the corner or it's already here. and the war in ukraine, well,no that's a drain on our taxpayers and it's not going well. and biden remains personallype very unpopular. that's the checklistrsonalunpope way., on and so on and on and o on n an. these this is bad news for them. so what next? they can't run on any of that. nevertheless, dr. jill is reportedly feeling like her husband was has the wind at his back for twenty , twenty four . who cares if he's so frail it's
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going to blow him over the wind. wow. sure. sure jiljoe may be eighty threet after election day, but as long as the media keeps protecting, why wouldn't he run again? oh, it's a tough spot, isn't it, for the democrats,on the smart oneses among them? >> no, they're in a box. joe biden just turned 80 years e old. y demo and there's many democratswho who think he should not ruthinnl a second term, that a nel w generation will be better equipped to combat donald trump as a republican nominee. a ron desantis, as the republican nominee. >> and most voters , they don't want joe to run. he d think he's too old or doesn't have the energy. gain, but then again, ifif he doesn't run, who else do they reallyn? have to run? hamean, no one thinks kamala is up to running things whileie her laugh alone disqualifies her. then but then there's governor gavin newsom. he's reall he is rey the only guy they have. but california itself is ia men a mess. remember, its losing population, not a good trend. it
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turns out that people really don't want to pay exorbitantto taxes only to wake up to a guy injecting heroin on their front porch. >>h. getting them out of here.d i mean, you cupido to keepto sco getting up and go to school without seeing lihi. that's a hard sell. and no budha isn't happening either. he knows nothing abouthe everything, which would make p him a perfect candidate to becad president of yale, maybe. and yes, there's alwayscorrec gretchen witless wittmer ofti michigan and j.b. pritzkerwish, governor of illinois, both justn got reelected. they're pretty popular ind t their home states . he but neither has any nationalt magic. nor do i see them playing all that well in the south or other parts of the midwest. so there you have it right now, an eighty year old man who needs assistance walking off the stage is their best bet in twenty , twenty four . now, imagine being that party
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and with their league twenty , twenty four strategy sessionrat democrats have revealed what we knew all along, that this was never about getting rid ofgett trump. it's his ideas and policies. they fear first because they work and second, because they take power away from washington and give ito th back to the peoplee they want to keep all the power right here in dc. >> they're real target. old in washington is the old ame america. >> they want that dismantled by turning our schools into factorie schoos for racial and propaganda, by attacking the primac y the nuclear family on multiple fronts, and by remaking the countrye with millions upon millions of new illegal immigrants. uponions of that they welcome i. and by the way, anyoneay who disagrees with them, well, they're just going to treat it like they treated trump ron desantis mike pompeo, even
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mike pence. stok out. stand in defense of god . family and country, and you are on their blacklist now, a party with ideas and candidates that inspire and excite. it itdoes doesn't need cynical are strategies to slash and burn tactics like this. >> if they really think that they're going to convince americans to go through anotheet four years o tf decline after the next two years, that we'rerg going to have to suffer through harpthat they're going to do this by harping on trump social media post and january six , i think they're going to bey dia sorely disappointed. republicans have a greatpp. sen2 map in 2024 0 four and a number of candidates with great resumes, terrific ideas that work and real experience. e ang. and that's the angle. joining joining me now is kellyanne conway, former senior counselor to president trump, ben domenech, editor at large of the spectator. charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor, all three orhu fox news contributorrt, als. kellyanne, let's start with you.
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where did this narrative come from? is narre comethat the democratd the momentum heading into twenty , twenty four , given what i just laid2024.? m democr it came from the democrats.from they come from the democrats, including their enablers in the media. look, it's supercilious spiny tg and wishful thinking. they're stuc largth this guy in large part because keeping him in kamala harrisping him off thn twenty two campaign trail helped the democrats gain a seat in the senate and narrowly lose the house. so in 2020 four, laura biden, harris cannot escapeg fo campaigning for biden. harrisr bi, they took her in california, him and maryland, him at union station unionmarile station, ladies and gentlemen, i is not a swing state.t it's not a swing congressionalar district. it is a train depot.depot. and that's where they putt the united states campaign. 2020 four is different.unit look, biden'edfes goret problemb other than the sixty a six percent of independents who don't want him to run t the sixty six percent of seniors who say he's too old to run. i think his bigger problems ar.
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e in this polling is his approval rating is down again. his approval ratin, and hig on the economy is down again. agaif americans, c peop according to the cnbc poll,le believe that joe biden's policies on inflation are actually helping with inflation. in august or so,ust or they paso this inflation reduction act. you find me ten democrats in the senate who voted for that inflation reduction act,inflatio actively who actively ran on voting for the inflation reduction act. there is nrump derangement syndrome is real. there is no vaccine. there's no booster. it'sccine or viral disease. gues and guess what? in twenty , twenty four , the election is very simple. it's a referendum about joe biden and he's going only eat all of his badse policies. >> all right, charlie, senator schumer thinks that hel. can pass this next spending bill with bipartisan support. >> watch. a year long omnibus is the bestu and most balanced optionr to fund our government. incause itibus is the mostgo balanced approach because it would contain priorities. both sidesontain ps bo want to g for ukraine.
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let's now work together again to implement them fully. >> charlie, mitch mcconnell mitch mis giving chuck schumert what he wants going into the n the next year. republicans will have no leverage in the house to change ocetty much anything change thrh october. but once again, the unit party strikes. yeah, and it's absolutely appalling, especially at now a moment like right now whereshd republicans should h have the upper hand , especially on a fight like this,t to demonstrate how they intend to to govern differently, even if that means not giving the government or not givingnt a democratre ns what it is thatare they're seeking to do. and ani think and i think kellyanne is exactly right. voters understand this. voters understanerstand derstant the reason that they'reer paying so much more aty the grocery store right nowst is because oorbecause f democras that is causing inflation. is causione thing i have to say, though, about that i admire about what democrats are doing is their ability, their desire desi to not talk abouret ideas becaue
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they're wrong on all the ideas,e but their desire to pin every d. candidate to donald trump and republicans madeicans ma a big e in this last election. they failed to pin every single candidate out there running to joe biden because that is ini reality is what all of thoseal people were doing. to they were all those democratsbbr are running to be a rubber stamp for joe biden. joe bidejoe biden's popularity . mi has going to be even lower when he has to go out there and defend himself. and i think republicans i think that republicans are going to have a are suited to have a tremendous victory in twenty , twenty four . but they could have hatoryd a mi bigger victory this time if they had succeeded at pinning every single one of those democrats to joe biden and hishs hapless policies. well, ben, of course , the senate just voted to passo this. and again, people watching us can't even believe thisthin is happening. stt they have this thing called a stopgap spending bill ., it f i hate allro this stuff. till itne funds the government til next thursday or friday.
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and then, of course, they're going to extend the federal cash. but thenederal the omnibus wille voted on and they're going to push this through at some point before the end of the year. of theis this any way to rungovn a government and all these republican s are agreeing to this because they want never ending funding for ukraine. that's supposed to they're supposedly winning the war until they're not? >> well, i don't i don't thinkdo it's just about that law. i think it's also just an indictment of the fact we have had this situation in washington now for quite a long time. this is not a new occurrence. and yet we continually justaccet accept this reality of thesese massive spending bills that noya one has time to read, thatte they're asked to vote on immediately. why they can buy all sorts of things that are why why are we, frankly, we have a dysfunctional leadership. we have a dysfunctional imd anti conservativleadershe leadership within the republican party that does not stand on any kind of fiscals principle. whatare not willing to do it takes or to take any kind of slings, arrows fromtely a completely biased media that is entirely in hock for
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the democratic party. they won't stand up fo r whatly belie they actually believe in. especially w america should be fed up with this, especially when it comes from this octogenarian leadership class of the democratic party and the republican party. the spending on things that pay they will not be around to pay the bills for, that they are not going to be around to even see, and that your children chand children's children are going to be paying for it without end into the futur oe it a diminished future for the american people. and frankly, thir thes would pel be offensive to all people on both sides because it's not a way to run a government and it's not a way to fund a country. >> and eighty eight year old senator shelby from alabama is the, quote, nego shater.e the republicans, he's retiring . he's like, i'm out of are c town after thiars. all right, kellyanne, we mentioned gavin newsom as well as the other a than biden option for the democrats in 2020 four. well, politico reported today just a white houseou correspondent tweeted out that s newsom planning for a january six back to january 6th, inaugural address in sacramento. and it's going to be a largedren
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march to the state capitol .peec then a speech focused on defend democracy. >> kellyanne, they're allg reading from the same hymnal here rightfrom? no, they do. ause it's so silly because what is doing about the homeless, about the drug crisis, abouts,nd his backward about economic stan california at large . news flash to gavin newsom. t laurathe rest of the country l want to be. california's a beautiful state. we all love visiting iavisitit what is his argument forthat t exporting that to the rest of the country? and by the way, the only reaso n people talk about gavin newsom now as an heir to joe biden som is number one . the people, the 20 some peoplee who ran against joe biden in run ag20 for some reason are afraid to run against him again, where sanders? where's warren? where's boota, judge? why is i?t common to run againsg him? shnst him?e did last time basicy called him a racist on the debate stage. and the second reaso the seconnk about newseum is because they're real hero ofse t the let love. gov. andrew cuomo was disgraced net ofmo offic, wae, and that's the only reason they talk about newsom. but it shows youo how thint their bench is .
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our bench is re so many republican governors reelected ,this time with with overwhelming margins. yes.erwhelmi in florida, but also in south carolina, in georgia, in texas ,in iowa, in tennessee. thos are leading the way, chief executives. and those are the kind ofe thth policies people are going to be looking for. at pg and look, we're going to p seeing all this trump vs. bideni f stuff and you are going to ash for a third party. but i think the whole election needs about joe biden eating and owning his bad politics. >> speaking of kellyanne point, charlie, a lot of people think, oh, because the democrats dideyd better than expected in the senate in 2020 two, thatn 22 that poor tends the same trend for 2020 four. why is twenty, rent o twenty four different? obviously this presidential election, bubvly t the basement campaign for biden, especially up against stroncampaigng polics on the other side and a tracktr record with trump's agendawh. we how how can he possibly survive that? well, i think the most that?wh important point is the point you just made, which is thee can fact that he can't hide fromot
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this election. y even he i has to engage in some way,f even if it's just from his is jt basement over tv, whatever ,o it's going to be far more abouts joe biden. u joe biden is unpopular, buulart there are other reasons thatoth i think that the dynamic is going to be very different. point out,differ the senate mapen is very different. it's far more favorabler mo to republicans. reicans.k you've got something like nine democrats having to defend seats ing to competite or republican states. but the last thing is that, your know, the reason that democrats that republicans didn't do- as well as we thought or the reason democrats didn'tmothr republicans didn't do as well a as we expected them to , was for some reason republicans failed to close the deal. but that doesn't mean thats there isn't enormous frustration out there. there is enormouation ous frust, out there. god and pusee it every day you go out and the rest of the country aoutside d.c., outside of frusa washington, the frustration is real. it's palpable. re. anand for some reason, that didn't come out in this election. it's going to come out the next
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time it has to come out. twenty , twenty . >> and i predict it will comea out in 2020 all right, panel, thank. great to see you tonight. and it turns out that the rain i in washington today and it wastl miserable weather wasn't all because of the weather. d we're going to explain what these two men had to do with it. plus , the rnc has responded to the angry manguel about accusations that they misuseddir funds during ronald mcdaniel'son tenure. harmeet dhillon will react in moments the ministry of changed the world forever. it's one thing to read about the life of , but to make the story of truly come to life. i knew i had to see it for myself. what better place than to star in bethlehem? as we go on this journey? we're joined by experts along the way. really know this land in the crypt is a very specific spot marking the very spot
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>> keep your head up head up. >> the conservative siteport red state published a report today documenting rnc spending over the past few years now its analysis shows thate 207 since 2017 millions were, blowa on private jets, limos, luxury retreats and broadway shows, the piece goes on to note that a significant number of transactions seem to be misclassified. for example, nearl seem toy five thousand dollars was spent in 2020 two luxury athletic brand lululemon that wasfied asn classified as an office expense ,as were two expendituresexpend totaling nine thousand three hundred atit madison squae garden in 2017. well, in response, the rnc has denied any wrongdoing, according to glenn mccall,
12:22 am
a rnc member from south carolina. it's gross misrepresentation of how the rnc spends and raises money. and he's outraged by the in th falsehoods in the article published in the dare k of nighy which was written, he says, by a client of harmeet . joining me now is civil rightsei attorney and dylan and rnc committeewoman running for rnc chair harmeet.i should and i should add this in a statement to the anger angle tonight, a spokesperson for ronnie mcdanienight, al adds the following. i guess in reference to you,i gs this blog post is blatantly false as the lies that she you harmeet, have been spreading,g that rnc members are being is getting their votes. i mean, it's getting pretty nasty out there. your reactioy oun to all this? >> well, laura , thanks for having me. it got nasty on a series of dark anonymous emails in the dark of night. htwere sent around attackingk y' my conservative bona fides. and i think you've known me fovu thirty five years. and so it has really gotteon nasty in this race, which
12:23 am
is unfortunate because i am running for the future for ofo i the party to make sure that we're able to win elections., i and so, yes, i know jennifer. she's actually a great reporter. haone , the first attacks here b was she's not really a reporter. she broke the katie hill thrussell stor ay. k.d. h i got congresswoman katiile hiln to be forced to resign. and i represented her ine hill. the case against katie hill.we and so i think sho wule should be focusing on the facts here. and the story, from what i can see, is based on fec reports. so, you know, it's what the rnc reports out to to the government. so but at the end of the day is the big news. seven hundred thousand dollars in floral arrangements, whichr n is sort of, yo hu know, beverly hills divorce level, you know, decor. and i think i think the bigger story is thes a waste of money that is spent wasted money that is spent on consultants inside the building who are very upset ate my calls for an audit of the rnc and of all the cozy consulting relationships and vendor relationships that have cost us , i would sayy
12:24 am
hundreds of millions of dollarsd over the same six year period. and what do we have to show foro it? we have three consecutive cycles of loss. and so there's a lot of pearl clutching at the rnc overching atthe idea that anybody wouldtrd trade promises for support reguy and actually does happen regularly. and many members told me that. and that's politics. bers tol thatolitics.i mean, yoe upset at you know, it's like claude rains talking abouts bumbling going on in this establishment. but i think what people ari etht really her l upset about is losg elections. rahner has been very kind of vocal in the last couple of days about this, but i don't think anyone would care about a the floral arrangements or lululemon or anything. else if we had been winning elections. >> and so chump change 80% to -- is still a lot of money. ney. and so i think it's fair to question the use of that money. all right. axios is saying that ranna winning a fourth term, fourthfoh term wow. >> is a done deal .
12:25 am
yet as of now, the texas gop in the nebraska gop and republican party of arizona are all calling for mcdaniel's resignation. one decided, i guess, nebraska to rescind the previously stated support for ronna mcdaniel. is this the beginning of whar rt could be many more months of rescissions, i should say, of ss support? s well, here's a here's a factt th for you.e be at the beginning of last week when i announced my run.n i wo yes, run with no opposition, had listed one hundred and seven members, but some of theme think it'sf themt. they're termed out as chairmen. so i think it's kind of misleading to list them as people who are supporters of her for this vote . them some of them havhae told me they never agreed to be putere on a list as an endorsement. they're upset about it. some of them have changednd their mind because they there is a competitor and some of them are really turned off by anonymous attack emailsneolir calling me a liberal,ni
12:26 am
questioning why i'm runninngg and really something else about recruiting. yeah, yeah. about a consultant.t. yeah, that's right. i mean, there are consultants and employees of the rnc who are calling it threatening r reporterncs tonight. bout i've heard about it. and , you know, all i wantk we s to shouldn't be running our campaign with staff. i think we should keep i t clea tn and talk about her record and the future of the party. >> that this campaign should be . yeah, record . it ne and is it never time to sort of change a changing of the guard? i mean i mean, everyone hase une ssto move on after a period of time unless you have such stunning success that it's just undeniable. harmeet, we appreciate it. we're goinappreciag to continues fair a about this and cover evey angle. >> now, whether you want to hug them or slug them, grown men who cry at the drop of a hat american storyome part of our modern american story. and tonight we remember one in particular now are freere t to savor the triumph and to share their stories for years.or
12:27 am
to come. in that spirit, jason , dre the american dream shot atm -- the american dream like yes, john boehner crying is as much a washington tradition as the cherry blossomgton festival. in tthe former house speaker, ostensibly a republican, was back in town to honor his oldow pal nancy and remind us ofs when the days when it really was a only a a party. y been i you've been incredibly t effective as the leader ofhe lea your caucus. you know, the younger generation today has the same game recognizes game. gai and the fact of the matter is , no other speaker of the house in the modern era era,lded the republican or democrat, has wielded the gavel with such authority or with suchts consistent results. let's just. say you're one tough cookie.
12:28 am
my girls told me tellplease tel- the speaker how much we might never control my girls areuldn'l my girls or democr democrats. not apple doesn't fall far from the tree. the waterworks nevere cree fail. joining us now, americang us n majority ceo ned ryan .ned ry anyou know what i think? how did we even survive that? i mean, during his tenure, we got rid of eric cantor. right. and there are a numbercovered f establishment types that just decided to go away. but that speech waawaybut the sd summation of the gop's failures to stand up for the working people, was it not? >> oh, absolutely.y want absolut i mean, the easiest explanationa mur that embarrassing episodsie is maybe he's smoking too much of the product he's pushing as a marijuana lobbyist. but you're right, laura . i mean, that incident was, that a summation of decades w of failed republican leadership craving leadership that would much rather grovel at the feeteu of their political enemies instead of stand uinstp and figt
12:29 am
for the american working class. but boehner really wi representative of a lot of republicans in d.c. who want to have a good career in d.c., have have great experiences, maybe be speaker, then go be a lobbyist, make a lot of moneym and move on . democrats, on the other hand ,et the religious zealots, political powers, their religion, they come to powers. to actually gain political power, to crush their enemies and then enemt their freakish un-american vision for this country and that's what they'ree doing. and instead, we have careerists like boehner. we're always going to lose in he canthers inthat situation, l. and it'd be nice if we started to get more republicans in dcevi who actually believed in something, who believed that it was wortn belih fighting to rese the republic, destroy the administrative state amerstand up for state to democs and the american left and say, no, we're not going to concede anything. we're actually going to fight. and it is pretty amazing whatt e we have gone through. and , you know, trump really highlighted how bad republican leadership, if you can even call it leadership, has been for decadesca inside the party would be really nice i
12:30 am
if wcae saw a lot more america stang up notress but only in congress, but in otheros offices around the country. am so glad youmentio mentioned the boehner move to lobbye ba on behalf of marija companies and he came outad against marijuana, of course, voen he actually had to be heltd ancountable for his vote when he was in office.d and they danglsoe some moolamehn front of them sometimes, like, well, i see the benefit of, you know, this is mea lot of benefis ,this medical marijuana. i mean, that also tells the story of d.c. regardless of what's happening to the kids, regardless of the carnage outer e, he'there, he's is going to gr the money. >> yeah, and that's sadly a lot of republicans that do their time in office and then they move on down the streethe g and then they start getting up to getting the big lobbying contracts. is ab and that's reallyou their principle is about the green. it's note green. about this cou. it's about how much money can, they make afterwards. and to do that, to be ableome ws to do that, they have to in some ways, i think, be controlled oppositionif t. g if they're going to get the sweet k street lobbying gig. and you see a lot ofthey seeot u
12:31 am
republican falling for that and not doing what they wereingh sent to do, law and actuallyatcp be representatives of the american people and fight for their priorities fight, cutt spending that they need to cut spending in order to get this tk economy back on track. they have to do it. have to andt rocket science now. it's not that difficult.'s reagan understood how to doank o that. all right, ed, greatu fo to seep as always. thanks for keeping your eyes dry during our convo. inspall right. l up next, we are live at the border with julio rosas. whatying he's seeing on the ground ahead of the end of title.itle , forty two , plus, a shocking armed robbery in broad daylight caught on tape. the woman who is held upo was c next with a message fokr chicago's leaders, teather, ans unthinkable tooksu the lives ofl six million and thousands ofe jewish survivors are still suffering in poverty. >> today, god calls people who believe in him to actoliday on his word. comfort, e comfort.
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12:35 am
the trevor lawrence now we're starting to see true. who did they draft overall touchdown? the nfl sunday on fox hole of super bowl. fifty seven is the of the missing persons unit that find one person, a son, six years i've gone to bed, i think, and i won't let these families go through what i'm going to find. i've got a location. let's do the girls. where are they from? it's okay right here. a heart attack. >> do they have life insurance? no, but we have life insurance. john , i'm trying to find something we can afford. >> fortunately, in only a few minutes, selectquote found john a five hundred thousand dollar policy for only twenty nine dollars a month. and his wife and a
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12:37 am
migrants lined up. of course, they're waiting for title forty two to expire and thus they're just going to enter the united states without fear of being turned away at all. but tonight, some news broke on a separate issue that might help stem this flow. this is a huge blow to the bush administration, a federal judge just ruled that trump's remain in mexico policy, which sends certain non mexican citizens who enter the u.s. back to mexico as they wait for their immigration hearings. that must remain in place. >> joining me now live from el paso is julio rosso, senior writer for town hall. >> julio, the biden administration never wanted to keep remain in mexico, hated it because it actually worked. and they want an open border. obviously, do you think this is going to have any major effect regarding what you're seeing on the ground, which is staggering at the moment? i don't think so, because you have to remember that a lot of people have been waiting since
12:38 am
all the way back in may when title forty two was supposed to be gone back then before judge said it had to stay, there's been a lot of people waiting for next week to come to come to pass. and so i don't think, one , the news will reach them that remain in mexico. will be in place in at least for a little bit. and i mean, the reason why we're seeing this massive rush right now, even the week before, is just because people are tired of waiting and they definitely want to take advantage of the policies. the administration has put in place since they got into office. >> julio, where are these people coming from? i know there everyone thinks it's just guatemala. el salvador, maybe a few south american countries. but what's the truth? about the various places of origin for these migrants? oh, when i was in ciudad juarez, for the past two days, i've met people from ecuador, people from colombia. i even met a man and his his wife and his child and they are
12:39 am
from china. they were chinese. and they they definitely stood out to me. and even just even just now as we were getting ready to for for the shot, just right over to my right here for nicaraguans hopped over the older border fence and there's an el paso police officer and he's called border patrol. but that just shows how busy this area has been for the past couple of weeks. and really, it's just it's a wait and see. a lot of venezuelans right now, they are mainly staying in mexico because i have forty two does largely apply to them. and from those that i've spoken to the past couple of days, they're they're ready for next week to come over. >> all right. secretary mayorkas, who the republicans want to impeach, was where you are in el paso. over the past couple of days. he met there with border patrol agents and it did not go well. julio, one agent asked or stated they asked him why he's staying at the border, saying the border is secure. when we have no agents in the field. and that same agent said he had the nerve to respond, that he never said the border was
12:40 am
secure. and i wish you could see our agents eyes. they were lifeless. julio, what are the agents telling you? i can't imagine the life of a border patrol agent looking at this mass of humanity that you showed in that video. we'll show it again in a moment. i mean, i mean, the agents that i've spoken to all throughout since this crisis started, they are absolutely demoralized . they're fed up with the lies that the bush administration has told the american people because they see it, they see it every day. they they have been through multiple administrations, some of them. and they've seen the differences firsthand. and so it's for a lot of them, it's insulting that. secretary, my work is what would even say such a thing when he has said time and again in front of congress even that they have operational control, that it is secure when you know from from from what i've seen in my multiple trips down here and even as i've seen this past week, it's it's not secure in any traditional sense. >> julio, that's kind of
12:41 am
obvious because it's not secure . i mean, this is ridiculous. this is a complete travesty from beginning to end. this is purposeful. they wanted to do this and anyone watching who's that had a chance to watch fox. the other networks won't cover it sees what's going on here. they understand. >> julio, thank you for being there. thanks for that exclusive video. tonight, we have no confidence that perpetrators are being brought to justice. we've talked to a handful of police officers nearby in this incident and the previous incident, and they said that they sort of shrug their shoulders. he jokes that she got through 70 years of her life with a gun, put in her face. >> that was diana, jacomo son in law, describing what you're seeing on your screen right now in broad daylight in chicago's tony lincoln park neighborhood. she was robbed at gunpoint. diana said the demanded her purse or he'd shoot her. her her dog. he snatched her purse. and as you can see, fled down
12:42 am
an alley. giacomo says that she saw the man with his hand in her bag before he threw it to the ground. it wasn't until later she realized that her car was stolen. she's also been carjacked. joining me now is that woman in the horrible video, diana degette. diana, i have a lot of friends who live in lincoln park. it's a beautiful neighborhood, historic neighborhood. what are chicago's political leaders saying tonight? >> given what's happening with crime? obviously, what happened to you is being repeated all too often. >> it is . laura , first, thank you for having me on and thank you for all the great reporting that you do. i am the only reason that i am here to talk to you about this is because if people don't show up and vote to change the leadership in chicago, this is only going to continue to get worse. >> i'm 70 years old. i've been in my entire life
12:43 am
without ever having been mugged, and i take my dog out for two seconds to go on the lawn. >> and this is what happens in the middle of the day in chicago in linkin park, which is a beautiful neighborhood, beautiful homes. people have, you know, just invested a lot of money in their houses and they pay a lot of tax money to live there. and this is what's happening in the middle of the day. it's just not acceptable. >> well, diana, there's a lot of folks that i know in the area. they're pretty liberal, to say the least. i mean, it's a very liberal, politically, very liberal area. so they keep voting, they keep voting for these folks. so, i mean, at some point, it's the definition of insanity. is it? you're voting for lori lightfoot or other members of the the city council. and yes, there are no changes.
12:44 am
the port police are outmanned and outgunned. >> we had a chance to get rid of our state's attorney , kim fox. let the worst smell that walk and didn't didn't get her out of office. and i don't want to be naming names, but i have basically just in september, changed my residence to my house in lake geneva because my vote doesn't count in illinois. that's how i feel about diana. >> yeah, you're like others and you have the wherewithal to the means. i should say, to to leave because you have at home and wisconsin. but a lot of people don't. they're stuck there, especially the underprivileged people. this has to change. thank you for speaking out. and this video is just another another example of why things need to be different in urban america. if you didn't think that the cdc needed to be disbanded,
12:45 am
after its horrendous handling of covid, well, wait until you hear about the internal emails showing how it sent it. just bent over backwards to placate gun control activists. yes, this is a cdc. >> this is a truly shocking story. next. hi, i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. and i'm here today to tell you about a hidden health crisis currently affecting nearly every american sleep deprivation. and that's why you need to know about relaxium sleep. you see getting a good night's sleep helps support a healthy immune system, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, healthy cardiovascular system. thankfully, relaxium sleeps formula is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster ,stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed. relaxium triple action formula was developed by renowned neurologist and sleep expert dr eric ciliberti. it'll regulate your natural sleep cycle, relax your body
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all right. you may have suspected thatratsw government bureaucrats were secretly working with liberal activists. welleriberal, this next story cs it. new emails obtained by a foia request and first reported by the website the reload reveal how toady's at rev the centers for disease controel caved to gun control activists. acti the cdc used to have stats on its website about defensiveds guivn use in the united states , finding anywhere from sixty thousand to two point five million instances every year. well, in a newly unearthed uneah email, mark bryant, ark bryathe executive director i the gun violence archive,ol demanded that the cdc remove those figures from its website, writing that two point five million number needs to be killed, buried, dug, killedin again and buried again., buried in the time that study has beend published, gun violencehalt prevention policy has ground to a halt.
12:51 am
so his gripe isn't that the numbers are wrong. they it's that they imperiledgun the gun grab agendgraba. y bu t he and other activists t don't stop there becausehe with the help of democratsre b senator durbin and the bidegon administration, they got a meeting with the cdc itself. e now, wxae don't know exactly wht happened during the meeting, s a but this next email gives us a hint. t and at the cdc, beth reynolds tells three of the gunthe meet advocates from the meeting thate they will make some edits to the content of the cdce. website to addresscern their concerns. regarding defensonths ins latere the numbers regarding defensive gun use in the uniteiv ind stat, poof, they just disappeared from the website. it's funny how that works. joining me now is the man t who filed foia requesthe, coasties morris, who is the attorney for michelle and associates. dc all right, coasties, the cdc still hasn't responded to our request for comment tonight.t
12:52 am
but did any of this this back and forth with the gun control advocates surprisegu yo ?la >> actually , yo u know, laura , first of all, thanks for havingh me on .en it's funny you ask that, backuse when i got the documents back from the foia request i filed inol june, i actually told the reporter, stephen bartowski ,who handled this, that i was t wo skeptical it would even be aeven story because it just confirmed what i already suspected was the case that the cdc has cdc h unfortunately been politicized been ps to the gun control debate because they are .- the let me give you an example.en i've been doing this for a few a years now. as a lawyer for the california rifle and pistol association. and we certainly as don't get meetings with the cdc or the california equivalent. so - but sadly, it isn't surprising a that that is what happened here. >> now, accordin>>g to one acc f the emails that you obtained, part of the reason why the cdces onmade these changes is that its scientists determined that
12:53 am
the original text that provided an estimate with a very wide range could raise more questions than it answeredm made the most sense to removove the numbers from the fact sheet will cost us .it it is a big you know, that'sa a big spread, sixty thousand to two point five million. >> so is there any legitimacy to that point? imacy tono law, because althoug a wide spread, the spread reflected the lowest end estimate, which was a government surve- y called the the national crime victimization survey that came to a resul victimatt of sixty t we believe there are issuesthat with that one , too, but it'sa fair to have the lawstep f. 199, and the high end came from a survey in the nineteen nineties done by mr. gary kleck . in there's a lot of survey results in between that range. five hundred thousanbetweed eight hundred thousand. a million, a little over a million. and it's fine to telle publ the public what the range is now. icrangiswith the edits now madet website, you don't learn anything at alhil. cdc h yoasu would think that the cdc has never said anything aboutth
12:54 am
thisis. they even removed the linkto the to their old report from 2013, e which talked about the survey. it weny, litt on atle little br length about the the variety and defensive gun use statisticstatistic. a >> that's they deleted a linkn s to their own websiteit as they did so much to screw up the pandemic response. why not just screw upha the second amendment right? let's just get that wrong. k you for digging us out. reci weat really weed really appreci. it. now, biden threatens african leaders, huh? >> last bite explains this holiday season, give your
12:55 am
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
>> laura: it was supposed to be a friendly meeting biden had th awith african leaders in d.c, but then came the vicious threatme o. >> i told some of you, you invited me to your countries and oui said, "be careful what you wish for. i may show eat your food, stay longer than they should."
1:00 am
>> laura: i look forward to the biden trip to africa because we are always looking for freshn material on "the ankle" pier that is it for us tonight. i want you to remember to set your dvr because you don't want to miss "the ankle. ame it is america now and forever and check ou t the website a lot of good stuff up there as well. aunt greg gutfeld's next. ♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert, elon musk suspending to twitter accounts of at least half a dozen reporters late last night including journalist from cnn, "the washington post" and "the new york times." you were watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. the journalists were putting he and his family in danger by tracking his private jet. if anyone post real-time location of actresses, new york time reporters the fbi will be investigating. there will b


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